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    Personnel recruitment

    If you want to join us, Please send your resume, degree certificates, title certificates, ID copy, by fax or E-mail to contact.

    Contact: Miss Wang telephone (fax):0755-26063706 E-mail:sxgfhr@126.com

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    Recruitment conditions:

    Professional requirements:Overseas sales managerThe age requirement:above 30
    Place of work:Overseas sales managerWork experience:at least 10 years
    Required qualifications:at least 10 yearsThe number of recruitment:10
    Foreign language:Overseas sales manager Computer ability:
    Job responsibilities:
    1.  Proficient in English. Study abroad experience is preferred; 
    2. 10 years of  sales experience in glass or glass related industries. 
    3. Excellent personal qualities; 
    4. Familiar with foreign glass market,  and with a keen insight into the market; 
    5. Team management experience, good communication, strong sense of responsibility; 
    6. Strong marketing exploring capabilities, marketing planning and operational capacity; 
    7.Effective market analysis and competitive product analysis; 
    8. Responsible for customer relationship maintenance, achieve the company's goals and profits; 
    9. Passion, innovation and challenges, strong team spirit; 
    10. Strong self-learning and adaptive ability, can quickly integrate into a new environment and have a strong compression capabilities.
    Position requirements:
    How to apply: